Mickey J Meyer Tour of North America – 2019

Following the success of his massive hit album Happy Days in 2007, Mickey was approached by many producers to perform live in the USA and India. Instead, Mickey chose to focus on his composing career and to quietly build his reputation as a quality film music composer/music.

Mickey is now embarking on his first ever musical tour! Teleugu audiences will be blown away by how he has changed the music scene since Happy Days back in 2007!

The North America Tour features a host of celebrity artists like 2010 Indian Idol SreeRamaChandra, current Tollywood singing sensations Anurag Kulkarni and Sri Krishna, accompanied by the beautiful voices of Ramya Behara, Mohana Bhogaraju and Anjana Sowmya well-known Canadian artists Quatuor Orphee, a string quartet band and an all-western band – which makes this a culturally unique event!

Dates of Performances

June 29th – San Jose, CA – City National Civic  – Tickets
June 30th  – Seattle, WA –  The Gerlich Theatre  – Tickets
July 5th – Dallas, TX  – Music Hall – Tickets
July 6th – Chicago, IL – Yellow Box – Tickets
July 7th – Trenton, NJ – Patriots Theatre – Tickets

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