Mickey J Meyer is a film composer, music producer, songwriter, musician and mixing engineer who predominantly works for the South Indian movie industry also known as Tollywood.

Known for producing music that is soulful, classy, long lasting and full of inspirational values, Mickey has come a long way to be one of the most sought-after music composers in the Indian music industry.

Having won two FilmFare Awards, three Nandi Awards, and many other various awards, composing scores for two films that have earned the national awards for best film, Mickey’s music has seen a great amount of success throughout the last decade, and has earned him the respect and favour of millions of fans worldwide.

Mickey’s work is notable for having a harmonious blend of Western and Eastern music influences mixed with a unmatched quality of modern and vintage sounds. His music has been widely appreciated by multiple age group listeners for the quality and goodness in the song and lyrics that are created and produced by him.

Mickey started his career in 2005 and scored music for one of the biggest hit film in the Tollywood industry Happy Days which was released in 2007. Post Happy Days, Mickey has been continuing his successful stint as a music producer in the Tollywood film industry and is currently the most sought after quality music composer.

Mickey’s Journey

Mickey’s first film as a composer was Pothe Poni which was released in 2005, followed by 10th Class and Note Book which were released in 2006.

Mickey’s breakthrough came through the movie Happy Days which was a huge hit with college goers and young crowds. At a time when music was commercial in nature, loud and jarring, Mickey brought in a fresh sound with his score.

The music of Happy Days was a smash hit and changed the way composers looked at film score composing. Mickey brought in a revival with the sounds and composing structures through this score, and the music was a rage throughout South India. Mickey’s popularity grew over time with massive hits with albums like Kotha Bangaru Lokam, Leader, and so on.

Mickey was soon the most sought after composer for films that needed soulful music, music that had good lyrical values, music that could uplift a film, music that all age group listeners can enjoy, and Mickey delivered further successful hits with movies like Seetamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu, Mukunda, A.AA, Shatamanam Bhavati among others.

“Mahanati”and Mickey’s Future Projects

Mickey scored the music for the recently released film Mahanati which has become a benchmark for biopics and is one of the most appreciated films by both the public and critics in South Indian cinema.

Mickey’s role as the music composer was one of the key success to this massive hit which has earned him a great amount of respect and appreciation by his fans, the media and press unanimously. Mickey’s background score worked wonders for the movie and his songs gave the perfect mood to this cult classic of a movie.

Post Mahanati, Mickey has started work on various other big budget films with reputed film production companies in the Tollywood film industry.


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